ana karic
I was born and raised in Belgrade, then Yugoslavia, but educated in United States, starting with Mass Communication at Bemidji State University 1991, where I played ice hockey for the university team, as well, only to discover photography. After I have learned as much as I could about photography, being a photo editor for BSU newspaper and taking classes, I moved to New York City in 1994, where I graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology, in Photography. I have worked as a full time first assistant/studio manager for Tom DeLorenzo Photography Inc., and later on as a freelance assistant for several NYC’s finest professional commercial photographers, as well as managing to get some work on my own, I have shown my work in three solo and three group photography exhibits around NYC, and had four photography shows of my own, since I came back to my home town of Belgrade, Serbia in 2001, where I participated in two international collective shows as well. My freelance professional commercial and editorial work quickly took off and I became one of the best in his field, shooting covers, editorials and local celebrities for most of the magazines, ads with some of the largest local advertising agencies, catalogs for big fashion companies and designers, as well as album covers for some well known and popular musicians and singers. My work has been sold and published over the years through stock agencies, like Getty Images. I became a full time member of ULUPUDS, an organization representing local artists. I am currently running my professional Inka Photography Studio.
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