Beatriz Penalonga Navarro

My name is Beatriz. I live in a small city on the North of Spain called Lugo.

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Cecilio González Nuevo

I believe I’m a good person, too good. Since I was little, I defended and got involved in the defense of all injustices.

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Eduardo Segura

Eduardo Segura is an argentinian artista born in the city of Cordoba and currently living in Parana between rivers.

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Elisabeth Buzon Alvarez

I have been dedicated to professional photography since I was 22 years old, studying in the Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts School of Jerez of the frontier and Sevilla, where I later graduated in Graphic Design and Photography.

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Joanny Sandoval

Joanny Sandoval is Director of Photography for cinema and television. Educator and photography professional since 1999.

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Juanjo Mediavilla Diez

Juanjo was born in Palencia (Castilla y León) and lives in Bizkaia (Basque Country) since the age of five.

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Mª Mercedes Yañez García

Mª Mercedes is a galician digital photography amateur (born in 1957 in La Coruña and currently living in Madrid).

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Miguel Cabezas

Born in San Sebastian, 1975. Specialized in long-exposure black and white photography. Focused in coast landscapes and urban photography.

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Raquel Gutiérrez González

Raquel is an amateur artist and professional photographer from Madrid, looking for a rigorous sense of what we are, what we have done and do upon the multiple issues affecting the planet.

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Ricardo Gómez Pérez

Venezuelan photographer formed in London with a master’s degree in graphic arts, specialized in photography from the Polytechnic of Manchester, England.

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