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Liliana Castillo

Liliana is Bachelor in graphic arts with two specializations, one in graphic arts and the other one in marketing and communications applied to design products.

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Sergio Barreto

Sergio is a Multimedia Engineer from the Ramon Llull University of Barcelone.

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Jordi Jiménez

Jordi studied multimedia engineering in the Ramon Llull University of Barcelone and is a Partner of RSB since 2003.

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Juancarlo Mora

Expert in market analysis and comprehension, strategic planning and marketing.

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Neils Montenegro

Passionate for music, art and of course, photography, Neils graduated in Marketing and Publicity.

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Nàdia Bricollé

She is a photography and trends enthusiast with vast experience in marketing and communication.

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Selu Manzano

All day in the clouds. Music, photography, design and theater are the worlds to which he travels frequently.

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Jose Mosquera

Has extensive experience in large companies such as Nestlé, Cargill and Bimbo, among others

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Lilia Castillo

A specialist in social networks management and customer service. Passionate about photography and sports..

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Jiri Adamovsky

A graduate in Psychology and Pedagogy from the University of Ostrava and graduated as a photographer by the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia in Barcelona.

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Raquel Gutiérrez

Always in touch with art and photography. sharing authors, exhibitions and unique projects at Blipoint.

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