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Born Venezuelan in 1951.
He lived in Italy 1959-1969, Venezuela 1970-1996 and he lives in Miami from 1997.
He started his career as a fashion photographer in Milan in 1968.
Back to Venezuela in 1970, he was part of the Venezuelan photographic movement with an extensive artistic and commercial work.
In Miami he has kept working and exhibiting his personal work, teaching digital photography and coaching other photographers as well. He runs his own fine digital printing workshop.

email: vieri@bellsouth.net

Artistic Career

Solo exhibitions

1980 Art Museum “Assis Chateaubriand” (MASP), São Paulo: “Venezuela”.

2009 Jerusalem House of Quality.

1998 Books&Books, Miami FL.: Presentation of the book "The catacombs of Palermo".
2006 Miami Center for the Photographic Arts (MCPA), Miami FL: “American Portraits”.

1980 Sala Mendoza, Caracas: “South America in photographs”.
1984 Sala Mendoza, Caracas: “Images”.
1986 Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas: “The catacombs of Palermo”.
1986 “Hacienda El Pilar” Foundation, Ejido - Merida: “The catacombs of Palermo”.
1987 Interalumina, Puerto Ordaz (Bolivar State): “The catacombs of Palermo”.
1988 National Art Gallery, Caracas: “Shapes and art of Oil”.
1991 Casablanca Gallery, Caracas: “Orphan earth” (during the Gulf war).
1991 Humboldt Association, Caracas: “Will the sowing in the barrio Carapita yield?”

Collective exhibitions

1981 Urban Architecture Institute, Caracas: “Caracas in emergency”.
1981 National Art Gallery, Caracas: “3rd meeting of Book, Poster and Documentary Photography”.
1981 Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas: “2nd National meeting of young artists”.
1987 Art Museum “La Rinconada”, Caracas: “1st National Meeting of Photography”.
1987 Maracaibo Bank, Maracaibo: “2nd Photography Meeting”.
1988 National Venezuelan Telephone Co.: “Latin American Art Meeting for Peace”.
1994 Holy Museum of Caracas: “Faces of the valley”.
1995 Consolidated Bank Cultural Center, Caracas: “4th Christian Dior meeting”.
2009 Velada Santa Lucía, Maracaibo – Venezuela.


As an instructor:

1982 The Eugenio Mendoza Foundation, Caracas. Advanced Photographic Techniques.
1982 Shell Co., Caracas. Advanced Photographic Techniques.
1986 The Central University of Caracas. Geography applied to Photography.
2008 Miami Photo Consulting: Introduction to Digital Photography. Miami, FL.
2008 Venevision International: Concepts of Digital Photography and Workflow. Miami, FL.
2009/12 Continuous training in Miami, Washington and Baltimore.

As an attendee:

1999 Louis Jay – Advanced studio lighting, Miami FL.
2006 HP – Printing Techniques, New York City.
2006 Website optimization, New York City.
2007 Mary Virginia Swanson, personal consulting, Miami FL.
2007 Seth Resnick: Lightroom and Advanced Photoshop, Miami FL.


2012 Coaches emergent and established photographers as well on a one-to-one basis.



1980 Eugenio Mendoza Foundation, Caracas: “Enigma + Reality”.
1986 Alter Ego Editor Group, Caracas: “The catacombs of Palermo”.
1989 Eugenio Mendoza Foundation, Caracas: “Venezuela, geographical options”.
1991 Government of Federal District, Caracas: “D.F.”.

Other Publications:

1981 Los Roques Foundation, Caracas: “Rescue the life in the fauna”.
1987 Topics Magazine (Shell Corp.), Caracas: 12 articles on “Shapes and art of Oil”.
1989 Annual Report of “Petroleos de Venezuela - PDVSA”, Caracas.
1989 Annual Report of “Eugenio Mendoza Foundation”, Caracas.
1991 Annual Report of “SIVENSA” (Steel Industries Holding), Caracas.
1991 Encuadre Magazine (official publication of the Culture Council), Caracas.
1992 Annual Report of “Grupo Zuliano” (Petrochemical Industries Holding), Maracaibo.
1993 Annual Report of “Cementos Catatumbo” (Concrete Industry), Maracaibo.
1993 Annual Report of “National Concrete Plants”, Caracas.
1993/94 Annual Reports of “SIVENSA” (Steel Industries Holding), Caracas.
1995 Annual Report of “Consolidated of Concrete”, Caracas.
1995 Extra-Camara Magazine (publication of the Culture Council): “Carapita Slum”.
1998 Fine Art Museum, Caracas: 80 Years of the Institution.
1998 Annual Report of "SIVENSA", Caracas.


Martin Z. Margulies Foundation (http://www.margulieswarehouse.com/).



1981 Mention in the 3rd Meeting of Book, Poster and Documentary Photography, for the book “Enigma + Reality” and the poster “Rescue the life in the Fauna”, Caracas.
1986 Honourable Mention in the National Plastic Arts contest, Caracas.
1987 Honourable Mention in the contest “50th Anniversary of SIC magazine”, Caracas.
1990 1st prize in the contest of the Humboldt Association: “Car: dream or nightmare?”.
1994 National Graphic Prize for the 1994 SIVENSA Annual Report, Caracas.


1989 Bronze medal to the book “The catacombs of Palermo” at the International Book competition, Leipzig.
1992 3rd Prize in the 4th Contest of the Popular Art School of Munich.


1987 Juror of the Annual Photography Contest, Shell Corp., Caracas.
1996 Juror of the National Photography Prize, Caracas.
2009/12 Runs his own “Fine Digital Printing” workshop.
2009/12 His images are licensed through Age Fotostock, Spain.
2009/12 Coach/Mentor to photographers in Digital Photography.

Updated: June 2012.
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