dragon rider. J Beswick Studio600@2009 size 72 x52 inches
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My name is Jeremy Beswick I am an artist living and working in UK. I have been working in these fields of art for more than 15years, hand made metal and other 3d craft, comic illustration, book illustration, photography art, portraits, Tattoo design and much more, some of which are displayed on this page and in my Blog were I put up new work updates for you all to enjoy. My clients have ranged from Private commissions to company graphics work and illustration-based work. The work I have produced has been showcased in many magazines as well as online art sites, my work has hung in many gallery shows in UK, and I have also had solo shows in Devon and around the UK. My art is in ltd addition print and is available from my UK gallery To Phone gallery's for prints and originals. Eyestorm gallery TEL NUMBER UK 01392- 411135. Fantasy, myth, legend, dreams and all of those things that feed the magic in life inspire my work. I try with my work to produce a High Quality finish in any of the mediums I use, the work I produce is a combination of line, layers of shade, shape, form, pattern and detail, all of which I am obsessed with, along with costume design, art in history and clean graphic design. The work I am available to produce is Comic art, Book illustration, Tattoo design, Graphic design, and portraits but I will take on work if you have any projects based in art that you need to be done please feel free to contact me on UK 07776123321 or by e –mail at Silvermonkeyster@gmail.com. Please feel free to comment on my work and add me as friend.

I also offer a photo enhance and pure digital paint service for photographers.
MY work on my pure digital art is done like a painting I only take reference from a photo! I do not use the photo as a layer to work on top of! I recreate photo image quality by hand and then add art and design and graphic concepts for backgrounds. I have worked with some top photographers and models. to see my work in digital go to my my space link above.
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