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From corporate events to advertising photography, thematic walking tours to weekend courses, Barcelona Photographer provides the necessary expertise, whether in the studio or at one of the many photogenic locations around the city.

First and foremost Barcelona Photographer is a professional photography company providing professional photographic services in the Barcelona area. Our unique, flexible approach is suitable for all occasions and projects, and whilst we won't get in the way of your preferred images , we will use our experience to ensure that your colour and black & white photos are of the highest quality. We have many years of experience in posing small and large groups for formal shots, ranging from family portraits to corporate photographs. All of our photographers are bilingual, and will be happy to help you in the language you choose.

In addition to our quality photographic services, Barcelona Photographer offers coordinated thematic walking tours and intensive weekend photography courses designed to both enhance your photographic skills and broaden your knowledge of the city. Through your own photos, your visit to Barcelona will be commemorated in a series of your own unique images .

We have been working in Barcelona since 2000, and our specific local knowledge will provide opportunities to capture original images whilst teaching specific photographic techniques. If you wish to hire a photographer to capture the beauty of your surroundings in a unique, expressive way, if you are looking to learn more about photography and see this beautiful and vibrant city through the eyes of a professional, or if you are looking for tailor-made services within a specific budget, then Barcelona Photographer offers proven experience and a variety of options for making your visit to Barcelona a truly memorable experience.

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