Contest: Photo Disorder
Beyond my professional activities, I consider myself as outgoing type of person with lot of interests which include various sports, arts and travel. Also I can say that I'm a worthy team player and a workaholic who create and enjoys creative work surroundings. I draw inspiration for my work from experimental video art to subculture lifestyles.

- 2004 - graduate electric engineering at high school

- 2006 - finished course for graphic designer operator at Algebra

- 2008 - attending design at college of market communications "Agora" in Zagreb

- 2009 - finished course for windsurfing instructor

- Exhibitions - Festival of photography "Dr Organ Vida" 2010

- Work experience - As freelancer photographer for newspapers "Dubrovački vijesnik", Dove and also as designer at printing studio "Tiskara Plečaš" and art designer in numerous of local art, culture and media activities

- Skills - Work at OSX, Windows, Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, InDesign and basic web design programs.

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