Contest: Music through your veins
As an avid music lover and visual artist, concert photography is a natural extension of my passions. With every performance, my goal is to push past strict documentation to create images that speak to the iconic power of music and its makers.

Beyond the lasting memory of even the performance itself, I want my images to remain long after the music has faded.

Show after show, I strive to realize a unique style emphasizing exacting composition, attention to gesture, and a keen consideration for lighting. Driving each of these core elements is desire to create definitive images that are backed by a highly technical execution.

I work almost exclusively with the available stage lighting in my live music photography, preferring to capture the unique look and feel of each event as closely as possible.

While I ultimately seek to transcend the events I photograph, creating the images is an effort born entirely out of attention to the moments, big and small, that make up every performance.

Whether it’s a quiet moment of zen in a singer’s pause between songs or a guitarist going big with a solo over the top, I search for the defining moments of a performance to reveal the expressive core of the individual.
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