Contest: Distant Looks
I am originally from Southern California~ I am a photographer. Photography is an art, a way of life. It is my passion. I am intriqued with taking floral shots. My fascination with floral photography came about when I took my first macro shot of a rose. I was amazed by what I had captured. It was much more than inner beauty; It ws the life of a flower. Flowers are extremely ephermeral and I am intoxicated with their form.
Written by TJ Miles/

Firstly we have the pleasure of American photographer Theresa Durant, whose work is visiting these Spanish shores from California for the first time with her highly individual macro photographs of flowers and petals. Some of which are highly charged with erotic imagery, I am amazed at how sensual close-up photographs of Mother Nature’s simplest forms can be. It goes to show we are not that far removed from the flora and fauna when it comes to levels of attraction. Hot from her first successful German exhibition in Hamburg, Theresa speaks of her love of photography and of the sensuality held within everything around us. Says Theresa “I am constantly amazed at how the world throws up new ideas to challenge our perceptions about our position and, ultimately, our place on this planet. I hope my images show our ability to enjoy and co-exist with Mother Nature on this fragile shared space.”

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