Burning Juices
Heini van Niekerk was born in a small town on the border of Botswana & Namibia. He Studied architecture and have designed high rise buildings in South Africa the United Kingdom, West India and Dubai.

He was also a lecturer in Architecture at the Peninsula Technikon in Cape Town South Africa for 3 years. Today he lives in the United Kingdom and are proud to be associated with his open and free minded attitude towards the world.

He's an original creator by heart and loves to indulge himself in his art, paintings and designs. From furniture design, small art pieces, architecture and lately for the last 3 years...photography.

Photography in his opinion isnt his own work. It is a celebration of the original artist work...captured as best he could by potraying only a small part of it to convey a message to the observer however big or small it might be. God is in the Detail...and he is a firm believer of this! This is something that is very evident in his creations all around the world.
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