Get to know more about Blipoint’s exhibitions

At Blipoint we bring the digital to the real world and help our photographers exhibit in important galleries and artistic spaces. Year after year we organize exhibitions with different themes. In addition, we have a social commitment and we frequently collaborate with various NGOs. Below you can find a chronological line showing our exhibitions starting with the most recent ones.

How can I exhibit my photographs?

In the free contests: you will be able to exhibit your winning photograph if you become the winner of any of this type of contests.
In the premium contests:will show the best 10 photographs of this type of contest.

In other words, if you take part in a long contests and your image is among the 10 selected photographs, you can exhibit at the Blipoint Photography Festival. Similarly, if you participate in a short contest and you become first place, your work will also be exhibited at the festival.

These are the exhibitions we have organized so far:

  • 2018
    June 22, 23 and 24, 2018. 1. I International Urban Photography Contest #BlipointxMulafest

    We were in charge of organizing, next to to the Mulafest Festival, the I International Urban Photography Competition where we exhibited 250 finalist photographs of the Blipoint-Mulafest contest. The exhibition was held at IFEMA during the Mulafest urban art festival.

  • May 24, 2018. 2. Big Small Businesses Exhibition

    In collaboration with the City Council of Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona, we made an exhibition of 23 photographs in the lobby of the Núria Espert Theatre. The winners of the contest perfectly captured the concept of local commerce and traditional shops.

  • 2017
    On October 5, 2017. 3. The MyWorld Event, in the Matadero (Slaughterhouse Cultural Hub) of Madrid

    Blipoint inaugurated the “MyWorld” Event, in which the 37 winning images and posters from the MyWorld Contest were put on display. The concept of said contest was for participants to capture, through photography or design, the essence of what surrounds them and makes up their identity.

  • July 21st - August 11th, 2017. 4. PhotoSky, Hotel OD, Ibiza.

    The invitation was extended through the Blipoint app, to capture with images the majesty of the sky from different points of view. The 15 winning images were displayed.

  • 2016
    Madrid. November 19th – November 26th, 2016. 5. PhotoIgualdad, Sala Babel Torrelodones

    Blipoint inaugurated PhotoIgualdad along with AMACAE (Asociación Madrileña Contra el Acoso Escolar) (Association against school bullying of Madrid), which gathered the best 25 published images of the campaign that was launched from the Blipoint App to raise awareness on school bullying. All profits from the sales of the images were destined in full to AMACAE.

  • 2015
    Barcelone. October 22nd – October 29th, 2015. 6. PhotoUrbe, Contemporary Artistic Space NIU.

    Exhibition of the 21 winning images of the contest, where the objective was to capture and transmit the influence that the great and massive cities have over daily life.

  • 2014
    Barcelone. November 20th – November 27th, 2014. 7. PhotoRain, Contemporary Artistic Space NIU.

    The participants were invited to represent and transmit the diverse emotions and feelings that rain produces on them, from different points of view. The 21 winning photographs were displayed, and six countries were represented.

  • 2012
    Barcelone. November 16th - December 9th 2012. 8. PhotoOutColor, Agrupación Fotográfica de Cataluña.

    In this contest, participants were invited to represent the magic and art transmitted by black and white photography through images. On the day of the inauguration took place the presentation of the photography book, containing the 15 winning images that formed the second prize.

  • Barcelone. October 25th - November 1st 2012. 9. Freedom, Maxó Gallery.

    In this contest, participants were invited to transmit through photography, the concept of freedom and those aspects related to independence. The 20 winning photographs were displayed.

  • Barcelone. May 23rd 2012 – May 30th 2013. 10. Photoemotion, Maxó Gallery.

    Photographic Exhibition of the 18 winners of the contest where participants (of 11 different nationalities) were invited to represent and reflect emotions through their images.

  • 2011
    Córdoba. June 9th – June 24th 2011. 11. Fountain of Life, Teatro Cómico Principal.

    Blipoint, along with the A Rojo group, inaugurated the Fountain of Life Photographic exhibition, displaying the 14 winning pieces of the contest. Participants were invited to represent, through photography, women as a symbol of strength and beauty, as well as her role in the center of the family. 11 different nationalities were represented.

  • London. April 13th – April 20th 2011. 12. Music through the veins, 10Gales Contemporary Artistic Space.

    Blipoint, inaugurated the photography exhibition Music through the veins, where participants were invited to represent, through photographs, the extraordinary ability of music in evoking our deepest emotions and its influence in our state of being. The pieces of 20 winners of the contest were displayed.

  • Barcelone. February 5th – February 15th 2011. 13. Architecture, Nomad Studio.

    Blipoint, inaugurated the Architecture exhibition, where participants were invited to represent architecture in its most elevated sense through images. The images from the 15 winning artists were displayed.

  • 2010
    Barcelone. October 21st – November 14th 2010. 14. Education, a Universal Right. NIU Contemporary Artistic Space.

    In October 21st 2010, Blipoint inaugurated the exhibition “Education: A Universal Right”, along with the Global Humanitarian ONG. The pieces of the 24 winning artists were displayed. Participants were invited to represent education, claiming access to a Mandatory Universal Education as a right through art.
    The collections from the sales of the images was destined to the educational projects of the Global Humanitarian ONG.

  • Barcelone. April 24th – May 07th 2010. 15. Dreams, Nomad Studio.

    In October 21st 2010, Blipoint inaugurated the Dreams exhibition, displaying the 20 winning images of the contest. Participants were invited to represent with their images, those dreams that reveal the nooks our subconscious, where characters appear and transport us to the most realistic fantasies of the mind and soul.

  • Barcelone. April 24th – May 07th 2010. 16. Macroview, Nomad Studio.

    On February 27th 2010, Blipoint inaugurated the Macroview exhibition with the pieces of the 21 winning artists of the contest. Participants were invited to represent through images, the most insignificant and incredible details of the little things that surround us, which mostly go by unnoticed.
    The Macroview Contest counted with 155 participants from several countries. Alberto Girón Castillo was in it as well as an invited artist.

  • Barcelone. February 11th – February 27th 2010. 17. Cosmopolis, Civic Center of the Barceloneta.

    Blipoint inaugurated the Cosmopolis exhibition where participants were invited to represent through photography, Barcelona as a universal and cosmopolite city. The pieces from the 19 winners of the contest were displayed, from a total 110 participants of different nationalities. The inauguration counted with the performance of artists such as Carolina Chávez and Daniel Castro, representing the theme Cosmopolis.

  • 2009
    Barcelone. November 5th – November 30th 2009. 18. Transfiguration, NIU Contemporary Artistic Space.

    Blipoint inaugurated the Transfiguration exhibition, where participants were invited to represent, through their images, the cycles of nature and its many visions. The pieces of the 21 winning artists of the contest were displayed.

  • Cordoba. June 3rd – June 30th 2009. 19. Identity Factory, A_Rojos Artistic Space

    Blipoint inaugurated the Identity Factory Exhibition, where participants were invited to represent, through their images, the different characters and attitudes that we adopt facing life. The Identity Factory Contest counted with over 190 participants from diverse countries, of which 15 artists became the contest winners.