Manage your Private Area

Save images and share them with whoever you want.

  • Private Area
    1 Private Area

    Whether you have carried out work for a client and want to show it to them or you just want to save the photographs from your last trip, create a Private rea in your portfolio.

  • Storage
    2 Storage

    The Private Area also serves as storage in the cloud. You can create as many as you wish and name them as you want so you can organize them by themes, albums or as you prefer.

  • Location by URL
    3 Location by URL

    When you create a Private Area, an URL will be generated. Use it to share the particular Private Area with whomever you want. There will be a unique URL for each Private Area you create.

  • Password protection
    4 Password protection

    Create a password so that other people can access the Private Area you have shared. You can change the password as many times as you want.

Create private area