About us

Blipoint is a social network where amateur and professional photographers from all over the world can share their best shots. They can also participate in a range of contests, share their experience in forums, enjoy interesting content on the blog, follow their favorite photographers as well as comment on images and share them on other social networks. It is accessible online or through the app available for iOS and Android. Using the platform through the app gives you access to video tutorials teaching different photography techniques. We set ourselves apart by organizing periodic exhibitions in leading halls and galleries in Spain, featuring the winning images from our contests. In this way, we give our users the opportunity to showcase their work in artistic spaces while also winning prizes related to the photography sector. Blipoint’s registered users come from 135 different countries, but the majority are from Spanish-speaking countries like Spain, Colombia and from Latin America in general.

Open contests: You can participate in contests for free via our website. Participants who publish their photos and are chosen as winners receive products from the area of photography and graphic arts as prizes.

Premium contests: To participate in these contests, you must be a Premium user. The winning images are exhibited in artistic spaces in leading European cities and we also publish books with the winning images. They are also featured in specialized magazines and the winners receive products related to the photography sector as well as cash prizes.

App contests: You can participate in these contests exclusively from the Blipoint app. Download it on your mobile device and publish you photographs in these special contests.

As a Premium user, you enjoy the following advantages:
· Unlimited publication of photos in low resolution
· 10 GB cloud space to download originals of published photos
· Publishing photo albums as desired
· Participating in important Premium, open and app contests
· Video tutorials about photography technique
· Top photos of each month
· Stylish and professional photo albums
· Selling photos in BlipointMarket.