Beatriz Penalonga Navarro

Beatriz Penalonga Navarro - Premium Member

“I am not a professional photographer, but I do know that it is one of my passions. Blipoint has helped me improve my photography skills thanks to its tutorials, not to be ashamed of showing my work to others and take both critics and good opinions…From a professional view; it sure is a wonderful portal for any photographer. Thank you for existing.”
Cecilio González Nuevo

Cecilio González Nuevo - Premium Member

“Blipoint, what a surprise, delight and great discovery. I started and continue with photography by chance, I am and will continue to be an amateur, but what I found in Blipoint was everything!!! To be able to look and admire other people’s work (Aaron’s, Mercedes’, Bea’s, etc), to learn from tutorials, to know other worlds and finally, to get others to look at my work.
Thank you Blipoint because thanks to you, I know photography.”
Eduardo Segura

Eduardo Segura - Premium Member

“Blipoint is a meeting place to spread the work of visual executors. The perfect platform to make our personal, experimental and artistic work known. From Blipoint, we may give the world our vision of what photography is, our way of thinking and taking pictures.

I believe it is fundamental to support these projects for all they give to the sector. Blipoint has allowed me to network with other photographers and relate to their images, as well as seeing where photography is headed today.”
Elisabeth Buzón Álvarez

Elisabeth Buzón Álvarez - Premium Member

“For me, Blipoint was a great opportunity to show my images to the world a few years ago. It is and has been a marvelous experience. It has given me discipline, the ability to grow, imagination and the perfect media to display my work for several possible projects.”
Joanny Sandoval

Joanny Sandoval - Premium Member

“When I used to reveal my films, I always thought of how long it would take me to be able to show the world a photographic essay, the process of capturing images on fiber paper plus framing, writing the pertinent letters to galleries to receive the dates for future expositions. Anyway, those were times where reaching the public was slow and inefficient in reaching as many people as possible. Then came the digital era, and with it, Blipoint, who brought me the opportunity of projecting myself to the world in more than five languages. Where I can meet other photographers and share with them knowledge, great like experiences and photography learnings. Thanks to this wonderful portal, my work has gone international 100% more than I ever thought it would.”
Juanjo Mediavilla Diez

Juanjo Mediavilla Diez - Premium Member

“I think it is a dynamic website that continues to evolve over time without losing the essence of what it is. I have stopped following other sites for that reason, because they take a wrong turn in their evolution. In Blipoint there is place for all kinds of photographers and photography lovers, from amateurs to the most well-known.

The page is filled with interesting and dynamic sections like the “forum”. It is also having a personal gallery to display your work and receive visits from other photographers.

To me, Blipoint’s website is perfect or almost perfect. I would add an option when publishing pictures in the forum, where we could link the pictures from our galleries and into the forum, to avoid having to post the picture twice. Maybe it can already be done and I am mistaken. I think it would be an interesting option to display our galleries.

Anyway, the website is stupendous overall, and I understand that everything can be improved through evolution and trends.

I am enchanted with your website!”
Mª Mercedes Yáñez García

Mª Mercedes Yáñez García - Premium Member

“Blipoint is a social network I love, that I discovered in 2012, where I have a Premium membership and make part of my dreams come true as a photography lover, with my creations.

It has helped me a lot in making myself known in the photography world through:

- My profile, a virtual space where I display my work and share it with other users.
- The blog, in which detailed descriptions are made of our work, with the words of the expert Aaron Sosa, helping me understand them better and discover details.
- The participative forums with a wide variety of topics.
- The contests, some of which I have had the satisfaction of winning with one of my photographs that have later on been promoted, sharing it in other social networks.
- The publishing of some of my photographs in the Foto DNG magazine, encouraging me to stay inspired, among other benefits.

My primary objective is to provide everyone the best of my simple work for them to enjoy and, through Blipoint, I believe I have accomplished that.”
Miguel Cabezas

Miguel Cabezas - Premium Member

“It is a great showcase to display my work and get in contact with other artists. I have visited it every single day since 2002, since I discovered the website. The contests are very interesting because by being runner up, you can show your work in an important gallery. Having my portfolio in Blipoint is my opportunity to show my work around the world, it is a great international showcase.”
Ricardo Gómez Perez

Ricardo Gómez Perez - Premium Member

“When I first found out about Blipoint a few years ago, I was immediately drawn to it. I was looking for a network dedicated to photography to show my work internationally and this one gave me that opportunity in a smart and simple way. With time, Blipoint has grown and developed a very user friendly app for mobiles, which improves the interaction and use of the benefits Blipoint has like the video tutorials on photography techniques, and the ability to upload my images into the platform immediately. The advantages of being in this photography network are infinite. Thank you Blipoint for always being at the forefront.”