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Christmas is a time to be with family and is a period of the year that is most enjoyed by its youngest members. Photography has always been the most popular way to capture the most important moments of our lives. There is no better way to preserve a memory than to capture such enjoyable moments with your loved ones in a photograph. We invite you to participate with your best photographs from the festive season - you can use pictures from past Christmas celebrations or make the most of the festive month of December just around the corner to best use your creativity to showcase the spirit of Christmas.

Prize: The best photo will be premium user for one year.

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!

From 24 nov 2015 to 8 feb 2016

Active contest

PhotoBodegones Contest: Create a still life using inanimate natural objects like shells, flowers or fruits, accompanied by man-made ones like tables, chairs, different utensils, jewellery, fabric, vases, bottles etc. And participate with your best composition by publishing it in the contest on the Blipoint website or app.

Prize: The best photo will be premium user for one year.

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!

From 7 oct 2015 to 15 dec 2015

Finished contest

Thanks to photography, we can freeze time and space to communicate feelings and perceptions. As creators of images, we can represent and share emotions captured in everyday locations. How sensitive can you be? And to what extent can you reach out to others with your photographs?

Prize: The 10 best photos will be premium user for one year.

From 15 jul 2015 to 20 nov 2015

Finished contest

The wide spectrum of colours evokes messages, memories, different types of sensations and often, you might even identify strongly with a particular colour. In photography, you can highlight a certain shade of colour in an image, you can take a photograph where one or two colours dominate the frame - be it a landscape, sunrise or sunset or even an object, it is important to use the photograph to transmit a focal point that is determined by the colour you most identify with.

Prize: Black Bumper+ SMT LED Light. Manfrotto

From 30 mar 2015 to 22 aug 2015

Finished contest
Foto Flowers

Flowers seem to be the subject of innumerable photographs. At some point or the other, many amateurs and professionals have looked to capture the beauty of nature. Flowers, especially, are a delight because of their colour and beauty; however, you can also take marvellous black and white photographs with a range of greys that is truly stunning.

• Premio: An Apple iPad Mini

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!

From 19 jan 2015 to 19 apr 2015