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April 29th, 2016

FotoSelfie: El Selfie o lo que antes conocíamos como “Autorretrato” no es más que el hecho de incluirnos en una imagen. Sentimos la enorme necesidad de fotografiarnos en los lugares que visitamos. No nos basta con fotografiar el lugar, al incluirnos, dejamos pruebas de que estuvimos presentes. Participa en este nuevo concurso, sube tu mejor selfie, el más original y creativo.


Primero: 1.000 €, en efectivos.

Segundo: Una cámara réflex profesional Canon EOS M3.

Tercero: Una mochila para fotógrafos profesional.

Fecha de inicio: 25/04/2016 – 22/08/2016

Fecha de votaciones: 22/08/2016 – 05/09/2019

Fecha de fin del concurso: 05/09/2019

Participación: FotoSelfie

El equipo de Blipoint te desea suerte!


April 26th, 2016

The Blipoint team invites everyone who would like to use the art of photography to reflect upon and communicate respect for society and thus send a message to stop bullying in a positive expression of equality, respect and love. We call on all photography lovers – professional, amateur or simply someone who would like to participate on this issue – to capture a heartfelt image and send it to us, thus contributing in their small way to putting a stop to bullying.

·Prize: An exhibition in the Cibeles Palace in Madrid – Spain, will be held featuring the 25 best images published in the contest.

Date of participation: 25/04/2016 – 30/06/2016

Voting process: 30/06/2016 – 15/06/2016

Contest closed: 15/06/2016

Participation: PhotoIgualdad

· A single copy of each winning image will be printed on professional photographic paper and duly framed, and then be put on sale on the Blipoint website; the proceeds from which will be donated to the Madrid Association Against School Bullying (AMACAE).


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Contra el acoso escolar. Quien acosa está podrido!

PhotoMascota Contest Winner

March 11th, 2016

Blipoint team congratulates all the participants Photo Mascota contest. Especially the winner Miguel Cabezas from Spain who will receive a fantastic professional SLR camera Canon EOS 760D


February 12th, 2016


Photo competition Special Day

January 20th, 2016

Special Day: We at Blipoint know that most of our users are real photography lovers. Passionate individuals who cannot conceive life without a camera in their hands to record every special moment. Photography can be used to freeze special memories – time with the family, a loved one’s birthday, a friend or relative’s wedding, etc. This contest has been created for those who love these special occasions and cannot let them go unphotographed. Participate with your best pictures, showcasing the emotion you can capture with your camera.

•First prize: An backpack bag for professional photographers.
•Second PrizeThe best photo will be premium user for one year.
• Third prize: 10 honorable mentions.

Date of participation: 19/01/2016 – 20/05/2016

Voting process: 20/05/2016 – 13/06/2016

Contest closed: 13/06/2016

Participation: Special Day

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!


PhotoArquitectura: Architecture is art in its highest sense. It is the art of building and of submitting to the nature of the materials, the climate, and the customs of a time. It is based on 3 principles: Beauty, Strength, and Utility. Architecture invites lucid dreams, modulating reality and adapting it to human desires, and it drives us, by way of the camera, to record the richness and strength of geometry.

Prize: The best photo will be premium user for one year.

Date of participation: 14/12/2015 – 21/03/2016
Voting process:
21/03/2016 – 18/04/2016
Contest closed:

What are you waiting for? Participate now!


January 15th, 2016

PhotoDocumental: Documentary photography includes images that are captured with a social purpose. It looks to record and provide information about the lives of peoples and cultures. To a certain extent, all photography acts as a visual document. It takes us to a specific place and moment in time and from an anthropological point of view, it is the best form of documentation. We invite you to participate in this contest with your best images.

1st Prize: A professional SLR camera Canon EOS 750D.
2nd Prize: A voucher of 200 euros for the platform Saal, offering the best prints from photo albums to posters using high-quality materials and much more.
3rd Prize: An backpack bag for professional photographers.

Promotional code for 20 € for high quality prints BLIPOINT2016.

Date of participation: 12/01/2016 – 30/05/2016
Voting process:
30/05/2016 – 16/06/2016
Contest closed:

Participation: PhotoDocumental

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!

Barbara Bloom: Framing Wall

December 1st, 2015



November 26th, 2015

FotoChristmas: Christmas is a time to be with family and is a period of the year that is most enjoyed by its youngest members. Photography has always been the most popular way to capture the most important moments of our lives. There is no better way to preserve a memory than to capture such enjoyable moments with your loved ones in a photograph. We invite you to participate with your best photographs from the festive season – you can use pictures from past Christmas celebrations or make the most of the festive month of December just around the corner to best use your creativity to showcase the spirit of Christmas.

Prize: The best photo will be premium user for one year.

Date of participation: 24/11/2015 – 18/01/2016

Voting process: 18/01/2016 – 08/02/2016

Contest closed: 08/02/2016

Participation: FotoChristmas

The Blipoint team wishes you luck!


Legitimization to take part:

•  They can participate people major of 18 years old and people under 18 who are relying on express authorization of their parents or legal representatives, and once they are known and accepted by the participant the conditions of registration, protection of information, intellectual property, and all those other conditions that, with general character, should be additionally considered necessary for the participation of the users in Blipoint.

•  For technical reasons the participants of the contest will have to be registered in Blipoint.

Prize: The (01) best photos will be premium user for one year.

Stage I: publication stage

•  Beginning of the publication stage of the image to participate in the “FotoChristmas” contest organized by Blipoint.  It starts 24/11/2015 and ends 18/01/2016.

•  Each contestant can publish up to a maximum of (2) two images.

•  Any technique may be used. Photographs, collages, paintings, illustrations, or mixed format techniques can be submitted.

•  Only digital posters will be accepted, and they must not be larger than 1.5 mega and in jpg format.

•  Images that have been awarded a prize or simply participated in previous Blipoint contests will not be accepted.

•  With the sending of the images, you confirm automatically that you own the author’s copyright and that your images are free of rights to third persons.

•  You will preserve the entire author’s copyright and other rights that you already possess in relation with the images that you publish in Blipoint. The authors of the official announcement herein authorize Punto y Línea 07 S.L., a company registered in Spain, legal representative of the Blipoint web portal, the non-exclusive right to the reproduction, distribution, and public communication of the works of the finalists, in the following terms:

•  The right of reproduction:  for the sole purposes of, postcards, or posters, promotional press advertising the present official announcement, and publication in diverse intranet media, such as; social networks, within the blipoint web portal, and blogs related to photography and art events, with the sole purpose of making known and promoting the contest winners.

•  The Blipoint web portal is obliged to respect the recognized moral right in favour of the authors in article 14 of the rewritten text of the intellectual property law.

• On the present bases, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will violate any personal right or any property right of any third one (including, without limitation, the author’s copyright and brand rights). Also, you accept that no commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint will be slanderous, obscene, harassing, improper or illegal, and that you remain as the only responsible for the contents of any commentary or other information that you provide to Blipoint.

•  Competitors who fulfill the established conditions will receive an e-mail from Blipoint asking them receipt of Participation Request. They will be able to raise questions and doubts they have regarding the development of the contest to the same address:

Stage II: voting stage

•  From 18/01/2016 until 08/02/2016 the voting process with the star voting system will take place: by way of this voting system, one can only vote (5) five once for each photo that one wants to receive the most votes. In this way, users that have more friends are prevented from ending up in first place.

• he prize consists of being a premium user for free for six months. For more information regarding the premium gallery:The voting will be do by the artists, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, and individuals themselves that are active within the Blipoint community.

•  Blipoint, as the organizer of this contest, saves itself the right to modify at any time its conditions, including the dates of the contest, even its whole cancellation, before the closing date of the contest, providing that there was a valid reason, and promising to notify with sufficient anticipation the new bases, conditions or, if necessary, the definitive cancellation.

•  In the supposition that Blipoint was detecting that any participant of the contest is using any type of method or automated process, appellant or carrying out any type of fraudulent conduct that alters the normal functioning of the contest, Blipoint will be able to give up immediately from the contest the above mentioned participant (who will be sent an e-mail informing him or her about the immediate expulsion of the contest), leaving without effect the points accumulated up to this moment by the above mentioned participant.

•  In the supposition that Blipoint was an object of any claim, judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third part and based on possible infractions of the rights of intellectual property or image of those third part, derived from the utilization on the part of Blipoint of the images contributed by the participant, this one will assume all the expenses, costs and indemnifications that could stem from such judicial actions, answering in front of Blipoint or in front of that third ones, as it corresponds.

•  In case the present promotion was remaining suspended by reasons of major force, Blipoint will remain exempted from any responsibility on the same one.

Stage III:

•  On 08/02/2016 the voting period will end and the first 50 images that obtain the best quality of votes will be pre-selected.

•  There will be a pre-selection of the first 50 images by way of the voting system. Then, a qualified panel of judges will select (01) one photo.

•  To finalize the announcement, the winning image, along with the author’s profile, will be published in the contest’s records, so the said author should update his/her profile. It will also be promoted on the contests’ main page as well as on Blipoint’s blog.

Shadows and Dreams: Pictorialist Photography in America

November 20th, 2015