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(Español) VOTA POR LA MEJOR IMAGEN. Concurso PhotoPeople

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch, Français, Italiano and Español.

Know the 3 winners of the Doors and Windows contest

Blipoint presents the winners:

1st Prize: Mª Mercedes Yañez García. A quota of 200 € to print on the main printing platform Saal Digital

2nd Prize: Sandra Claudia Cavallera. From Robisa distributors in Spain and Portugal of the main brands of the photographic sector,

· Cotton Carrier Stand Action Camera with Strapsot

· A case for Peli CF memory cards.

· Green Clean, Traveler kit SC4100

3rd Prize: Lorna Aguirre. One year as a premium user, enjoying all the advantages.


PhotoPeople: We see hundreds of people around us every day. On the way to work, in the park, in the street, in the queue at the supermarket, both familiar and unknown persons walk past and though we might possibly never see them again, they leave a mark with their gestures, their gait or their style of dressing. This creates a world made up of a multitude of persons that come together to form a whole. PhotoPeople is a contest where we want to reflect our society in all its richness and diversity.

Date of participation: 28/02/2017 – 17/05/2017

Voting process: 17/05/2017 -29/05/2017

Contest closed: 29/05/2017

Participation: PhotoPeople


First prize: A protection for the body and the lens of your camera from Easy Cover.

Second prize: A backpack for carrying objectives, reflex cameras and personal items.

Third prize: One year as a premium user of Blipoint.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch, Français, Italiano and Español.

Know the 3 winners of the PhotoTree contest

We invite you to know the winners of PhotoTree contest

Blipoint presents the winners:

1st Prize: Marc Marco Ripoll. 1,000 € in cash, for the best photo.

2nd Prize: Ángel Eduardo López García. A professional SLR Canon EOS M3

3rd Prize: Alejandra López-Zaballa. A backpack for professional photographers.

Know the 25 winners of the photo contest PhotoIgualdad

We invite you to know the winners of the PhotoIgualdad Contest

Sidnéia Rosa da SilvaSeni95,   Jackie BaughmanGuilherme MilochAlejandro BoerisRobertoJoão Coutinho, Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas, Karina Claramunt, Sebastian Infante, Horacio Figueroa, Jenna Kober, Junnior Köpke, Elso Oliveira Filho, Vinicius VieiraRoberto OjedaMARIA, sophie watkins, Natalia JidovanuAndrée Lemay, Marcos Piaggio, jesus llinas, Victor Floril, loana junco, Andre Castellan.

·Prize: An exhibition in the Cibeles Palace in Madrid – Spain, will be held featuring the 25 best images published in the contest.

· A single copy of each winning image will be printed on professional photographic paper and duly framed, and then be put on sale on the Blipoint website; the proceeds from which will be donated to the Madrid Association Against School Bullying (AMACAE).


FotoSelfie: El Selfie o lo que antes conocíamos como “Autorretrato” no es más que el hecho de incluirnos en una imagen. Sentimos la enorme necesidad de fotografiarnos en los lugares que visitamos. No nos basta con fotografiar el lugar, al incluirnos, dejamos pruebas de que estuvimos presentes. Participa en este nuevo concurso, sube tu mejor selfie, el más original y creativo.


Primero: 1.000 €, en efectivos.

Segundo: Una cámara réflex profesional Canon EOS M3.

Tercero: Una mochila para fotógrafos profesional.

Fecha de inicio: 25/04/2016 – 22/08/2016

Fecha de votaciones: 22/08/2016 – 05/09/2019

Fecha de fin del concurso: 05/09/2019

Participación: FotoSelfie

El equipo de Blipoint te desea suerte!

Know the winner of the FotoChristmas Contest

Congratulations to the winner Ricardo Pradilla for excellent participation!

Prize: premium user for one year.

PhotoMascota Contest Winners.

Blipoint team congratulates all the participants Photo Mascota contest. Especially the winners of the competition:

First place: Miguel Cabeza.
Second place: Gema Gimenez Gonzales.
Third place: Javier CM.

Know the 20 winners of the photo contest FotoPoetry

We invite you to know the winners of FotoPoetry contest

Blipoint presents the winners:

1•   Pedro Morales | 2•  Ksi Fedorova | 3• Reyes Fernandez Guizan 4• Angel Taipe| 5• Fran Nore | 6• Victor Hugo Zapata Soto | 7• Martin Weber | 8• CRoda | 9• Mercedes Catoni | 10• Alejandra Gonzalez

Prize: The 10 best photos will be premium user for one year.