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Canadian and Indigenous Art: 1968 to Present

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On the Edge

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Making Modern

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Cy Twombly: Sculpture

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Ryan Trecartin: any ever

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Step 1: When you are a premium user in Blipoint, click my galleries

Select add galleries > choose a title and write a quick description, then click next.

Step 2: Select add files. Remember when you create a gallery you want to keep your work clearly grouped by theme.

The number of images is illimited.

You can up to 10 images at the time, the files must be in .jpg

If you expose for sale, it is recommended to upload in 300 dpi. Images will be visible through the website in lower resolution with a Blipont watermark, and can be downloaded in full resolution at the end of the sale. All files are saved on a security directory on our system.

Step 3: The system recognizes the binary coding of each image.

It is important to fill in the right info about them: title, image, style, format, category, subcategory, keywords, and select if it is meant for wholesale, exclusive sale, or not for sale at all. That info will help you get more easily recognized by our search engine and well organized in our database for easy access.

When you enter info for one image, if you want to apply the same information to all images of the gallery just find the > copy, button at the end of the info form of each image.

You can choose an image to be the gallery´s main image by selecting the checkbox underneath each image.

Once all info completed select Next step – Finish the publication.

To finalize creation of the gallery click > send and there should be a message of confirmation if it went through correctly. Once finalized, you will be able to handle galleries and edit and order them by selecting them in my galleries.

Here are a few examples of Premium galleries in Blipoint:

Aaron Sosa

Liliana Castillo

Michele Santamaria

Elisabeth Buzon Alavarez

Modernist Photography 1910-1950


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Behind the Barber

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Lee Bontecou: All Freedom in Every Sense


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