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Know the 15 winners of the PhotoSky contest

Blipoint presents the winners of PhotoSky contest, that will exhibit their images at the hotel OD de Ibiza, July 21–August 11, 2017.

(Español) Videotutoriales Blipoint / Los Planos

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(Español) Fotografía con Luz de Linterna.

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Video tutorials about photography

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Blipoint App Available for Android.

For somebody do not know us yet, Blipoint, is a social network where photographers, illustrators and graphic designers, both amateurs and professionals, have a free space to manage their work free of charge, an intelligent platform that provides users with all the elements necessary to be connected inside the world of photography, illustration and vanguardist art. Our purpose is to spread the word about your work and, with this purpose in mind, we have developed a system that facilitates image searches in an easy, rapid and secure way for our users.

Members of the Blipoint community come from more than 132 different countries; photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers, both amateur and professional. In Blipoint you will be able to experience the vision of creative people at the global level, interact with their published images, and connect with the world of photography and the avant-garde. In real time you will have information in your profile regarding the images, comments, and activities that your friends in the Blipoint community have published.

Now you can always have Blipoint with you. Download for free the new Application for Android, register, and publish your images in Blipoint directly from your mobile.

Very soon we will have the Blipoint App for iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) available.

Click here to download:

With the new Blipoint application you will be able to:

1.- Display on the homepage the outstanding photos of Blipoint users by moving your finger on the arrow.

2.- Register yourself in Blipoint in the case that you don’t already have an account. If you already have an account, you can enter with your user name and password.

3.- See the images published by your friends.

4.- Take a photograph with your mobile or upload it from your (library-reel) of images.

5.- Add the title, categories, subcategories, and key words of the images that you upload.

6.- Add to your favorites the images of your friends.

7.- Look at and leave comments on your friends’ photos.

In the future updating(s) of the application, we will offer more possibilities of navigation, participation in contests, publication in the forums, and many more surprises.