(English) (Español) LA FOTO DE LA SEMANA 13/03/2017 − 19/03/2017 | PHOTO OF THE WEEK 13/03/2017 – 19/03/2017

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The Blipoint team is pleased to present you the photos selected on Instagram, from 13/03/2017 until 19/03/2017

We invite you to participate every day in the announcement of PHOTO OF THE DAY BLIPOINT in Instagram.

To participate, you must follow us in our Instagram @blipoint account and tag your images with the hashtag #photoblipoint in order for your work to be seen by our panel of judges.

The selected image will be featured in our Instagram account and every Monday we will publish the featured images of the week in our blog.

(English) Carl Andre: Sculpture as Place, 1958–2010

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(English) (Français) Olga Picasso

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(English) (Español) Xul Solar. Panactivista

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MyWorld Contest

MyWorld Contest: Showcase everything around you: your society and culture; moments and feelings that are part of your identity. The things around us are a small part of us. We are like snowflakes – each one is unique. For this reason, Blipoint has organised the MyWorld contest where you can use photographs to reflect the most relevant aspects from among those around you.

Date of participation: 16/03/2017 – 15/06/2017

Voting process: 15/06/2017 – 25/06/2017

Contest closed: 25/06/2017

Participation: MyWorld


64 images will be exhibited in the Matadero of Madrid on October 05th, 2017.

The images to be exhibited will be printed by Dinasa.

Awards to deliver thanks to Vanguard:

1. Monópode VEO AM 204 + Bag VEO 37

2. Bag Sedona 45

3. Bag Biin 2 37

4. Bag Havana 21

5. Bag VEO Travel 28


Solimán López (guest artist) and the School of ESAT in Valencia.

Federacio Catalana de fotografia

Confederación Española de fotografía.

Media Partners:

Makma Magazine

Know the 3 winners of the Doors and Windows contest

Blipoint presents the winners:

1st Prize: Mª Mercedes Yañez García. A quota of 200 € to print on the main printing platform Saal Digital https://www.saal-digital.es/

2nd Prize: Sandra Claudia Cavallera. From Robisa distributors in Spain and Portugal of the main brands of the photographic sector, https://www.robisa.es:

· Cotton Carrier Stand Action Camera with Strapsot

· A case for Peli CF memory cards.

· Green Clean, Traveler kit SC4100

3rd Prize: Lorna Aguirre. One year as a premium user, enjoying all the advantages. https://blipoint.es/premiumInfo

(English) (Español) LA FOTO DE LA SEMANA 06/03/2017 − 12/03/2017 | PHOTO OF THE WEEK 06/03/2017 – 12/03/2017

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(English) (Français) Karel Appel. L’art est une fête !

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(English) Matisse/Diebenkorn

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