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Photo Doors and Windows: Doors and windows have always played a key role in human life. A window can represent a vision of a new beginning, a new dawn. A door can be an entry or an exit, which could be an end, a beginning or even a new opportunity. From an architectural point of view, they encapsulate infinite beauty and human ingenuity. Participate in this new contest with your best photos of doors and windows.

Date of participation: 10/1/2017 – 3/3/2017

Voting process: 3/3/2017 – 13/3/2017

Contest closed: 13/3/2017

Participation: Photo Doors and Windows


• First: 50 gigabytes of cloud space from Irista the Canon platform
• Second:
A quota of 200 € to print on the main printing platform Saal Digital
• Third:
From Robisa distributors in Spain and Portugal of the main brands of the photographic sector,
· Cotton Carrier Stand Action Camera with Strapsot
· A case for Peli CF memory cards.
· Green Clean, Traveler kit SC4100
• Fourth:
One year as a premium user, enjoying all the advantages.